What you need to know: Station 2.4 Release Notes



 -Hired an additional Startup Partner - welcome Katie! Long wait times to schedule Startup Partner check-in meetings - no more.

- Launched a feedback survey for events. Thoughts on a panel topic? Have speaker feedback? Now you have a way to let us know. 

- Released beta version of a new talent-focused Growth Membership for scale stage startups. Are you a growing tech startup looking for developers, analysts, and other tech talent? Talk to us about getting early-access. 

- Added shared workspace options for individual and startup members. Make yourself at (work) home for the day at the one of the desks in the open row on the 23rd floor. 


- Improved mentor office hour check-in. Now mentor meetings will feel more business and less blind date. 

- Updated feedback loop that drives membership improvement areas. Translation: we made updates to membership surveys to capture better feedback - and yes, we DO read each and every one of them… this is where our best ideas come from!  

- New coffee. We had okay coffee, now we have good coffee! It's the simple things.

Bug Fixes

- Adjusted conference room booking functionality. All members were not treated equal in our internal system - some could book, some could not. We’ve evened the playing field.


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