What you need to know: Station Houston 2.3

Station 2.3 has been our most ambitious and productive sprint yet! Where Station 2.0 through 2.2 focused exclusively on improvements to our Membership offering, we introduced Events & Programs into this latest round of 2.3 iterations. Sneak peek: we'll continue to incorporate enhancements to the portfolio of Station service offerings in future 2.x releases.



  • Members - remember the time we sent you a survey asking for feedback on ways we could improve the Station space? We've taken all the responses and created a game plan for what to tackle first. You will see these improvements rolling out over the next few months - starting with the coffee! We'll be testing out different local roasts throughout the week of September so that you can help us pick the most delicious brew!
  • We want to be partners for our members through every stage of growth. So, we talked with a few  later stage startups in our ecosystem and came up with some ideas - we can show better than we can tell you. Stay tuned!
  • To ensure that the experience is top notch when executives from enterprise partners come to Station, we've pulled out all the stops and launched a process for curating experiences to better facilitate the potential for high impact, high value connections within our ecosystem.
  • For current and potential corporate partners, we've built the infrastructure to increase access for participation in Station programs and events.
  • Houston is rich in subject matter experts (SME) with industry knowledge and vast networks. We’re tapping into this valuable resource by launching an initiative to engage SME in order to provide additional depth and breadth to our  educational programming for our community.



  • Improvements to customer feedback process launched in Station 2.2 to continuously improve your application and onboarding experience.
  • We're keeping a finger on the pulse of how features introduced in Station 2.0 (Station Startup Partner, Membership Add-ons) are improving  your experience at Station.
  • Continued to iterate on the platform launched in Station 2.2 that enables the greater Houston startup community to participate in our weekly Station Startup Roundtables - sign up for a  roundtable here.  
  • Improved process and developed insights to serve you  better from the data gathered through the monthly touchpoints with the Startup Partners.
  • Continuing proactive re-engagement campaign for startup members that haven't connected with their Startup Partner yet.



  • We invested a lot of time working in our infrastructure to provide you with better ways of connecting with the innovation community as well as valuable resources. This month, we researched over 50 tools, did 15 discovery calls and went through 3 live pilots to identify the best platform for our members, mentors, and the greater Station community to connect with one another - coming to a screen near you soon!
  • We continue to leverage advanced X-Ray technology (and your valuable feedback!) to scan our processes for broken areas and hidden bugs so we can fix them. Your feedback seems to be working much better than X-Rays, though, so please keep it coming!

Stay tuned for 2.4 (and beyond!) - as usual, we continue working hard to deliver more value to our members with each release! Is there something you'd want to see in our Station 2.4 release? Submit any ideas, feedback, and suggestions HERE.