What you need to know: Station Houston 2.2 release notes


It's been just about a month since we shared the Station 2.1 release notes (if you missed them, we've got your back like a chiropractic - catch up here). Read on for an update on what we've been up to the past several weeks in the Station 2.2 release notes:


  • Created a tool to capture and track startup members’ ongoing needs through their monthly touchpoint with their Startup Partner. We use this information to better align our core services - programs, mentorship, and connections - with what we hear from YOU.

  • Sometime life gets busy - so, we launched a re-engagement campaign to touch base with members that we haven’t seen in a while to get an idea of where they're at, and how we can help.

  • Created and implemented a way for Station members to give feedback on the application and onboarding processes, giving us critical feedback so that we can continually improve the experience for current and future members.

  • Launched a platform for Houston startup community to participate in our weekly Station Startup Roundtables - check out the latest roundtable here.  
  • Added an awesome Events & Marketing Coordinator (Welcome Zoie!!!) that will help with the coordination and logistics of our jam packed events calendar! By expanding our events team, we will be able to bring you even more impactful programming slated for the second half of 2018. 


  • Through our corporate partnership, Station members get access to perks like free AWS credits, heavy discounts on HR services through Insperity, and special startup offers for tools like Salesforce and HubSpot. We created a step in our on-boarding process that makes sure all startup members know what’s available to them.


  • As usual, we found a few bugs in our processes and relocated them (humanely) to greener pastures. We also spent quite some time doing a few improvements under the hood to provide members with improved ways to connect with valuable resources in the near future.

Stay tuned for 2.3 (and beyond!) - we continue working hard to deliver more value to our members with each release! Part of delivering this value is getting feedback from you - please submit any ideas, feedback, and suggestions HERE