What you need to know: Station Houston 2.1 release notes


At Station, we provide guidance to founders and entrepreneurs on how to push their startup to the next level. Since we like to walk it like we talk it, we implement the same agile and customer-centric approaches we recommend to others. As Station continues to grow and develop, we are making our progress and iterations transparent and responsive to the greater #HOUtech community through periodic release notes. 

If you went to the Station 2-Year Anniversary celebration last month, you heard about the 2.0 release. Now, we've just finished wrapping up the 2.1 release -  here's what you need to know:


  • Created a new onboarding process for Individuals and Startups to help them connect with the Innovation Community, understand everything they can get from their Station Membership and address their needs immediately.

  • Introduced a new feature so Startups can have regular touchpoints with their Startup Partners to ensure they are getting the most out of their mentor relationships and connections with the Innovation ecosystem.

  • Introduced a new methodology to improve the matches between startups and mentors.

  • Created a process so existing members could request their new Startup Partner.

  • Created a new FAQ to make it easier for members to find answers to the most common questions. 

  • Created a nifty self-service form so you can add or remove add-ons to your membership plan at any time of day (or night!)


  • Migrated all current Station members to the new Membership plans.


  • Revamped application process to be faster, you can now sign up for a Station Membership in a single session - no need for multiple email back and forth or unnecessary touch points.

  • As usual with any release, performed house cleaning tasks, killed a few bugs and implemented a few new metrics to avoid things falling through the cracks!

Stay tuned for 2.2 (and beyond!) - we continue working hard to deliver more value to our members with each release! Part of delivering this value is getting feedback from you - please submit any ideas, feedback, and suggestions HERE