Station CEO JR Reale Co-Presents Revolutionary Plan to City Council

After almost a year of preparation, Station Houston CEO JR Reale and City Council member Amanda Edwards presented their plan “for turning the recent talk about building a vibrant startup scene in

to action.” The three main points of the plan include supporting technology-based startups, planning a specific district for innovation in order to “concentrate tech startups in a central neighborhood,” and promote the city as a “testing ground” for new technological innovations. JR emphasized the need to create a “culture” in order to support and maintain this new initiative within the city. Tax incentives and various city council involvement will allow this plan to be flexible and adaptable to whatever challenges in may encounter. To see the specifics and learn more about the development of this plan, look here, and read here to see the early stages of this successful layout. Station is excited to watch this plan unfold in the coming years!