Inside Station: A Conversation with JR Reale

With HighDrive’s Russ Capper, JR Reale discusses the genesis of Station Houston on The BusinessMakers Show. In its new space, 1301 Fannin, Station houses over 200 companies and over 100 mentors, as well as meetup groups, breakfasts, dinners, happy hours, and educational events. Station’s beginnings were inspired by the growing tech-hubs around the United States. Houston had all the pieces to create a prominent entrepreneurial space, it just needed someone to put the pieces together. Enter JR and the rest of the Station team. With support from the Greater Houston Partnership and an initiative from the mayor, Station Houston is on track to its goal of Houston’s technology and innovation hub. Read more about this interview here and watch an earlier interview with Russ Capper and JR about the founding of Station Houston here!