Houston Innovators Get Opportunity to be Part of Industry Leader's Tech Revolution


The global Digital Tribes Hackathon - taking place at Station Houston starting Friday, February 16, in partnership with BHP and Unearthed Solutions - is coming to Houston to harness the power of entrepreneurship to solve industry challenges. Brought together through Station’s reciprocal relationship with Perth’s CORE Innovation Hub (not to mention, Houston is home to BHP’s global petroleum head office) the week-long hackathon will gather over 100 participants from around the world to solve two real-life industry challenges put forth by BHP.

“We recognize that we can’t do this in a vacuum,” explained Matt Rosenthal, Digital Strategy Leader at BHP on the importance of large corporations participating in events like hackathons to drive innovation. “We realize that by partnering with organizations like Unearthed and Station Houston, we can grow our digital innovation ecosystem. Together, we can rally the creativity of multiple communities to bring in the best technology and brightest talent to accelerate our business.”

The first Digital Tribes Hackathon took place in Perth in last July and focused on hardware challenges.  With forty-five participants that made up thirteen teams, each team  created a unique hardware prototype in just two weeks. Out of those participants, three came on board with BHP as employees.

The Houston challenges take a different focus and are software based -- one challenge will focus on gamification and process predictive analytics, while the second challenge will be data science driven.  In addition to a $3,000 first place prize, one innovator will be selected to join BHP for a 3-month paid contract on their innovative technology team. Besides the prizes, teams that participate in hackathons also often times continue with the projects they work on and form businesses out of them. The unique environment that fosters and encourages this innovation has created a global community of startups that is invaluable to each participant.

From their experience, Unearthed has found that hackathons are a great way to identify technology talent. Through their close relationship with BHP and support from BHP’s Western Australia Technology group, they partnered to create the unique Digital Tribes Hackathon. The global resources sector faces $1 trillion of impact in the next 10 years from new technologies and driving these new technologies and innovations will be individuals skilled in data science, software development, and hardware engineering that BHP calls “Digital Tribes”. The hackathons are a perfect way to find discover the talent that will drive BHP’s technology revolution.

“The industry is opening itself up and the Houston community has the capacity and the potential to grow into a hub for oil and gas innovation,” said Mikey Kailis, Growth Manager for Unearthed Solutions.

The hackathon will kick-off with a launch event on Friday, February 16 that will feature BHP's global innovation team and a special keynote from Houston City Council Member Amanda Edwards. The event is free and open to the public (RSVP here). 

Innovators, developers, tinkerers, entrepreneurs, and free thinkers from diverse backgrounds with a broad range of experiences, and who take a different perspective on how to approach and solve problems are encouraged to be part of Digital Tribes Houston Hackathon experience.

Does that sound like you? Don’t miss out on this amazing and unique opportunity - it's not too late to register!

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