Customer Connections - Bridging the Gap between Corporates and Startups


At the beginning of 2019, Station launched the Customer Connections program - a curated approach to connect our startup and corporate partners. Since then we've connected sixteen startups with solutions that have potential to be adopted by three of our Architects’ Circle members. Read on to learn more about the newest way Station is helping startups grow.

What are Customer Connections?

The Customer Connections program was designed to connect Station’s corporate partners with new technologies and solutions to solve their most pressing organization challenges.The Station Partner Success Manager works with corporate innovation leads to uncover challenges and recruit startups to apply to present their solution to the corporation. Ultimately a curated list of five to six startups that best address the corporation's defined problem sets are selected and meet with the corporation.

Problem sets have ranged from documentation automation to employee safety. In addition to tapping into the Station startup network,  we also look outside of our community through our Hub Partnership to source solutions outside of our community across the country. The diversity and range of the pool of startups will continue to grow as we build out this program, leading to even more high-impact, high-value connections between Station corporate and startup members.

What does success look like?

While still in its early stages, the first three Customer Connection events have already yielded promising results. We’ve looked to our current corporate partners for initial feedback, and the idea and concept itself have received overall positive feedback. For the three corporate partners who have participated thus far, they’ve been able to successfully leverage their relationship with Station to gain early access to emerging technologies being built in Houston -- and beyond! Participation in these events have led to ongoing meetings between startup founder and corporate innovators to dive deeper and form new relationships.

How to get connected

Interested in connecting with startups and emerging technology to enhance your corporate innovation efforts and discover new solutions? Contact your Partner Success Manager to get the process started to host your own Customer Connection session.