Connecting Entrepreneurs to Industry at the Station Startup Showcase with Bechtel

Through Bechtel’s partnership with Station Houston, five founders of start-ups pitched their ideas and received feedback from a group of Bechtel experts. The technology presented varied from long-range hazardous gas sensors to fleet management software to a laser-based pipeline measurement system.

“Partnering with Station Houston and its community of startups supports Bechtel’s plan to connect directly with innovators who want to participate in solving some of the largest challenges in the EPC industry today,” said David Wilson, Chief Innovation Officer at Bechtel.

Through corporate partnerships, Station Houston brings together local talent and technology and industry resources, expertise and personalized mentorship. It’s a program that takes the Houston economy forward.

“We hear time and time again from startups at Station about how difficult it is for them to get their foot in the door at these large corporations.” says John (JR) Reale, Co-founder & CEO of Station Houston. “Our corporate partnerships allows us to help with that pivotal first step. Connecting with industry leaders - like Bechtel - who are driving corporate innovation and leading the way for other enterprise organizations to replicate, is extremely valuable to our founders."

While securing capital investment is a key objective for many startups, gaining real-time guidance, experience, and expertise from a large, established, industry-leading corporation like Bechtel can be infinitely more valuable.

“The hardest part of starting a new company in heavy industry is getting good feedback at the earliest stages of problem discovery.  A program like this allows you to get in front of multiple potential users at the same time and hear what they like, dislike, and really need,” said Kenley Clark, founder of Supply Insiders, a heavy industry procurement platform.

The startup showcase is part of broader corporate partnership between Station Houston and Bechtel. Station Houston works with the founders within their membership network to source, vet, and prepare startups to engage with corporate partners, like Bechtel. The main goal is to cultivate more innovation within their organization and throughout the broader Houston community.

To learn more about Station Houston's partnership with Bechtel or for information on how your company can become a corporate partner, contact Payal Patel, Business Development Director at