Challenge Accepted: These 17 startups will compete for the 1776 Challenge Cup in Houston


Station Houston has partnered with D.C. based incubator 1776 to host the Challenge Cup, a global competition held in 75+ cities that seeks to identify the world’s most promising startups, in Houston on September 28. One finalist will be selected to participate in the Global Finals at the Challenge Festival held in Brooklyn, NY this November. 

The Houston competition will include 17 locally-based startups in categories ranging from health and education to sustainability and financial services. The competition is open to the public with RSVP and pitches will be live streamed on Station Houston's Facebook page. Learn more about presenting startups below:

2DA Analytics  2DA Analytics is a data visualization and analytics led software company focused on solving complex movement, planning, and scheduling problems in the energy value chain. 

AtmoSpark AtmoSpark is an energy efficient atmospheric water generation company that provides freshwater to those with limited access it to it.

CADWOLF CADWOLF is a web based mathematics and engineering platform that lets users build web pages that solve mathematics and links directly to CAD for real time updates.

CAVU Biotherapies CAVU Biotherapies is an in immune-guided personalized therapy focused on ending canine cancer and translating the personalized immunotherapies to treat horses, cats, humans and autoimmune diseases.

Clubhouse Now Clubhouse Now is an app for country clubs around the world to  improve the experience of club patrons, while optimizing club operations.

DejaWoo DejaWoo is a tool that helps businesses manage their relationship with drive-thru customers through effortless pre-identification. 

Docmo Docmo is a service that compiles, saves, and email documents with one button.

DrugShoppe Drugshoppe is a drug generator that invents new small molecule therapeutics and generates revenue by licensing new medicines to big pharma

IntuiTap Medical IntuiTap is a device that improves the accuracy and efficiency of lumbar punctures and epidurals.

Luminare Luminare is a bedside sepsis screening software for acute care hospitals. 

Mesa Mesa an analytics as a service company that assists schools and school districts in running more efficiently.

Mistbox The Mistbox is a smart device that uses an array of sensors to optimize mist and monitor the health of AC unit systems.

re:3D re:3D manufactures Gigabot -the world’s largest, affordable, industrial 3D printer. 

SpenDebt SpenDebt is a financial technology company that provides a micro-payment toward repaying  consumer debt with every purchase.

Syzygy Plasmonics Syzygy Plasmonics eliminates emissions from the chemical industry by building the worlds first commercial scale photocatalytic reactor.

Unvired Unvired is a software start-up with mobile and chatbot software platforms. 

Zenus  Zenus facial recognition software allows event planners to identify attendees by searching a database of faces in real-time.