Mistbox Kickstarter campaign exceeds goal by nearly 200K

Houston-based device startup exeeds pledge goal
with several weeks left in campaign



In just a few weeks after its launch, Mistbox’s recent Kickstarter campaign hit and exceeded its fundraising goal -- more than 15 times over! 


Originally launched in 2014 on Kickstarter as “The Mister,” Mistbox has evolved its name and branding to better describe its patented technology. Mistbox has adapted evaporative cooling technology -- commercially available for decades -- to simply and effectively work for residential use. With little to no technical expertise, a homeowner can now install in just a few minutes what normally takes large properties a team of engineers, site visits, and weeks of planning to accomplish.

“The goal of Mistbox was to make the technology available to everyone, in terms of usability and in price,” said Mistbox COO, Andrew Parks. “The whole business model was built around the idea that someone -- even if they aren’t mechanically inclined or an engineer -- could get our product, take it out of the box, and within 10 minutes set it up, hook it up to water, and walk away.”

The result? An environmentally-friendly device that lowers the need for A/C usage by an average of 30%. According to Mistbox’s research, if we could lower global power production for cooling by 30% by 2030, it would be equivalent to taking 5 billion cars off the road.

After spending time in San Francisco, China, and Dubai during product development, Mistbox decided to keep most of its 12-person team in Houston. While Andrew acknowledges that being here presents some challenges, the tax and cost benefits make good business sense.

“We lived in San Francisco for three months while we were in the HAX Accelerato. It was great to be in that environment, but we shared a three-bedroom house that cost $13,000 a month. Being here allows for more of our money to go towards building and marketing our product,” said Andrew.

Andrew and his team found that joining Station Houston made it easier for them to plug into the local tech community.

“We needed something like this in Houston. We’re a part of startup communities in the Middle-East and in Silicon Valley, through different accelerator programs we’ve participated in. But, locally, we were just going at it on our own. We weren’t networking with other tech folks in Houston and other startup people in general,” he confessed.

Another benefit of being outside of other tech bubbles? Working in the tech space in the Houston piques people’s interest.

“People get excited when we tell them about our work, and they want to get involved or help connect us,” Andrew said. “I don’t think that type of supportive community would be available — probably not in Austin, and definitely not in California — in a place where everyone is doing the ‘tech thing.’”

Check out Mistbox’s Kickstarter campaign and learn how their patented technology can help you reduce your carbon footprint AND save money. 


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